One of the disparaging times for a driver is noticing a flattened tire in the driveway just as they attempt to drive their car. When attempts to inflate the tire fail, it’s time to have the puncture repaired. The experts at Arizona Car Repair in Mesa, AZ can help and get you back on the road.

Plugging & Patching a Tire Puncture

Most sharp objects on the road can be the root cause of tire punctures, the common are small screws and nails. Attempting to repair a tire puncture by removing an object from the wheel is not recommended. The inside of the tire must be inspected for any hidden damage as punctures located within the tread area may initially look repairable. 

However, a sharp object may have punctured the sidewall of the tire from within the tire. When the tire is not dismounted, this hidden damage may be missed, potentially creating a dangerous driving experience. Inserting a plug may be considered a temporary solution. 

However, a repair must be made before any attempts are made to drive the car. When a slow leak occurs and the car is continually driven, moisture may begin to seep around the sharp object which can further damage the internal structure of the tire and affect its strength. Driving on damaged tires is extremely dangerous. 

What Can I Expect from Arizona Car Repair Tire Services  

The certified technicians at Arizona Car Repair can repair your tire within 60 – 90 minutes or less. When you visit our state-of-the-art facility, the technician will make an initial assessment of the tire. If a repair is required, the punctured area is trimmed to remove damaged cables. A rubber stem is then pulled through the punctured area from the inside out to seal the tire. 

The punctured area is then buffed using a specialized vulcanizing glue that is then covered with a patch that is applied to the inner lining, causing a chemical reaction and seal. Once the time is mounted to the rim, it is then inflated to the recommended tire pressure and a final leak check is completed.

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