It is fortunate that tires last as long as they do, but that can also lead to neglect.  Regular inspection of tires can make sure the air pressure is where it should be. Keep in mind that the pressure can change with changing temperatures.  A general rule is that one-eighth of an inch of tread on a tire is the minimum that is safe to drive on. Uneven wear or wear on one side can indicate an alignment issue or a balancing issue. Getting those fixed will help your tires last longer.

Ignoring your tires is never a good idea. An under-inflated or over-inflated tire could blow out and cause an accident. This is also true of tires that are too worn. Keeping the tires rotated and the wheels aligned will keep you going straight, and will make your tires last longer. These repairs could end up saving you money by preventing bigger repairs down the road. Let our certified technicians use our state of the art facility to keep your car running well on the road.

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