A brake system inspection is one of the most important components of a brake service at our shop. We will have a certified technician take a close look at all of the components of your braking system to ensure that they are working properly. If anything is broken or worn out, we’ll let you know so that we can replace this part and get your brakes back to tip-top shape.

Brake Fluid Exchange

Exchanging your old brake fluid for fresh brake fluid is also one of the tasks our technicians will complete during a comprehensive brake service. Brakes are hydraulically operated, meaning they need brake fluid to operate. Brake fluid does get used up over time, and some may even leak out of your vehicle. Spent brake fluid will not work as well as fresh brake fluid. This is why our technicians will drain your old brake fluid and pour in new brake fluid as part of a comprehensive service.

Brake Pad Replacement

Your vehicle may or may not need brake pad replacement. If your brakes make a screeching sound whenever you hit the pedal, this is a good indication that you do need new brake pads. Either way, our technicians will be able to determine this by simply taking a look at your brakes. Replacing brake pads is a quick and easy job if your vehicle does need them. New brake pads will get rid of the screeching sound and will improve your vehicle’s braking performance immediately.

Brake Rotor Resurfacing or Replacement

Another job that your vehicle may or may not need is rotor resurfacing or replacement. This is often required if you didn’t replace your brake pads for a long time, as the rotors may have been damaged. Also, rotors will simply wear out over time. Sometimes rotors can be resurfaced. However, badly damaged or completely worn out rotors will need to be replaced.

Brake Services from Arizona Car Repair

Drivers in Mesa, AZ or Tempe, Chandler, and Phoenix can get all of their automotive service needs taken care of at Arizona Car Repair. We have a state-of-the-art service center and helpful experts on staff.

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