At Arizona Car Care, we proudly provide battery services for all makes, models, and years. No matter if you drive a Ford from Phoenix needing a new battery, a Chevy from Chandler needing a battery inspection, a Honda from Tempe needing battery testing, or a Nissan from Gilbert needing battery replacement, rest assured that we provide all of the battery services at excellent quality that any vehicle might need throughout its life.


  • New Battery Sales – we stock an impressive selection of brand new batteries as needed for battery replacement including all of the famous brands that manufacture original equipment batteries across all makes and models. If your vehicle needs a new battery, rest assured that we have the factory authorized battery in stock.
  • Inspection – we provide physical battery inspections looking for bloated, leaking, or otherwise disfigured casing as well as checking the integrity of the connection between the battery and terminal.
  • Testing – we perform two performance tests with a voltmeter that measures the battery’s cold-cranking amps and reserve capacity. If the electrical performance is out of factory specifications, the battery will require replacement to secure reliable performance.
  • Replacement – for dying, dead, or disfigured batteries, we can remove the old battery and install a factory authorized battery recommended for your vehicle.


With the battery being critical for starting the engine and powering electronics, a dying battery will usually reveal its decline through various symptoms. Rest assured that a dying battery will always come with worsening performance if left unattended until it won’t store nor can it send any voltage. If you start to experience any of the symptoms of a dying battery, this is your chance to get it replaced quickly before it dies to render the vehicle immovable.

Here are the most common symptoms related a battery death:

  • Slow-cranking engine 
  • Dimmer than normal headlights
  • Engine backfires 
  • Must press the fuel pedal to start the engine 
  • Vehicle does not start after sitting overnight

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It is important for our customers to remember that our battery services require no appointment as they can be provided at the express service department. When your car, truck, minivan, or SUV near Mesa needs any battery services to get back on the road with reliable battery performance, we invite you to get the quality battery services that achieve that goal at award-winning Arizona Car Repair.

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